Get Funded

Established in 2019, Investors Choice EJ Capital Group has become a leading provider of opportunities to qualified investors. We offer various strategies to align with most investor’s needs, including whole note and mortgage fund models.

Our management team has over 26 years experience in conventional lending, private financing and real estate investing segments. Our extensive experience and proprietary underwriting model allow us to quickly and accurately analyze the strength and value of a potential opportunity to ensure it fits our criteria.

Our preferred asset classes are Detached, Single Family, Non-Owner Occupied and small to midsize multi-family properties, located in middle to upper end neighborhoods. We also lend across multiple geographic areas to hedge local economic conditions.

Whether the loan will be placed in our managed funds or transferred to our note investors, we underwrite to the same standard. If an opportunity does not meet our requirements, we’ll never send it out for purchase as is common in the industry. Our reputation and credibility is everything to us.

Our Approach

Investing not only allows investors to diversify their investment portfolios, it also offers them the opportunity to have their investment backed by real estate – an option that generally offers lower risk than traditional stocks and bonds.

We realize investing is not a “one size fits all” strategy. Different investment types offer unique advantages, disadvantages, risks and rewards. Whether investors want short-term investments, long-term investments, single-property investments or diversified investments over multiple properties, our team works closely with our investors to align the investment strategy with their individual goals and objectives.

Our Benefits

By working with EJ Capital group you will:

Avoid the volatility and risks of the stock market and instead receive an above average, consistent return, knowing that the investment is secured by real estate. Hold a truly passive investment model, so you don’t have to add more to your already busy schedule, and Get monthly reporting of your account to stay up to date on its value and performance.

Minimize the negative impact of idle capital while you search for another deal, Have investing options, such as monthly income or compounded growth of your investment, which can be changed as your needs change.

Our Commitment

At EJ Capital Group , we understand the needs and concerns of today’s investors and will work closely with you to ensure your satisfaction.

Among other things, we offer low risk investments, higher than average returns and superior support to ensure any questions or concerns you may have are promptly attended to. We also offer our unique dedication to putting you first in every aspect of our business.

When you choose EJ Capital Group as your investment company, you are selecting a partner that is dedicated to meeting your needs and providing you with superior service. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.